A Little about me 


From my earliest memories, I have been enchanted with organic sounds and live music---playing instruments, listening, and sharing that experience with others. Making my living as a sound engineer is a distinct and unique expression of that passion. I'm delighted to have studied, performed and recorded music in a variety of genres for studio release and live broadcast. I provide for my amazing family touring these beautiful United States as a sound mixer for live sports television. I approach every moment to touch my craft as an opportunity for excellence and inspiration of others.

1994 - The louisianna recordings.  In my senior year of music studies (I play the viola) at Louisiana State Uni, I preformed my senior recital concert with a wonderful pianist and was given a professional DAT recording of the event. This was my first experience listening to music I have rigorously prepared for years and  its impact on me was life-changing.  I began to review my own playing with the perspective of the recording and was compelled to begin recording classes at LSU. Eventually those skills would help me operating a professional commercial recording studio in the southeastern part of Virginia, where I live with my beautiful family.

1999 - location:  Norfolk virginia I was invited to tag along to a television broadcast of a football event in Norfolk Virginia. Without much television background, I was invited to help the audio team get on the air. Between the rain downpour and the thrill of live TV (with no overdubs!) we managed to put on a pretty good broadcast that day. Little did I know that it was the beginning of another tangent on my music career into live sports broadcasting, which I have no been doing full-time for more than a decade.

Today I spend my days away from work loving my Mindy (20th anniversary in 2015) and being encourager for my fabulous sons, Michael (15)  and Gabriel (13). Anna Michelle joined us in January 2013 and keeps everyone entertained with her compelling cuteness. I'm also glad to be active with a classical ensemble in Hampton Roads, playing along with Celes and Gary Price. We call ourselves Agape Trio.